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The Problem with Conventional Website MP3 Players:

  • Your fan presses ‘play’.
  • They decide they’d like to browse some of your photos while they listen.
  • They click on the link to the ‘Photos’ section.

This is because when your site loads another page, it also re-loads the code that plays your music.

At last there is a solution…

With the Music Let Loose Audio MP3 Audio Player Plugin:

  • Playback continues as the user browses between pages on your site.
  • Your urls always match the page you’re actually on.
  • can handle both a sitewide playlist and other mp3s on individual pages
  • Fully HTML5 enabled with Flash fallback (ie it works on practically anything)
  • Simple system in your wordpress dashboard to organize artists, albums and songs.
  • Simple shortcode system to display them.
  • Customizable play/pause/download buttons.
  • Totally 100% free open source so you don’t need to be dependent on someone elses’ service.

To try it, press  then go browsing the rest of this site. Play some music, switch pages, read some, play some other music, switch pages again…

This plugin is part of a larger project to build tools for musicians on the internet. We’re using http://browserstack.com to check our forthcoming front-end templates on every imaginable device. Many thanks for their great product and their generous support of our open source development program.

Features I’m working on:

  • make options panel more user friendly
  • better documentation
  • get mp3s from the media library instead of typing urls
  • Youtube support (so player stops when you play a youtube vid – I have this working well, just got to add it in… take a look at http://robertmichaelkay.com)
  • testing with other plugins – the ajax features might need a bit of tweaking so as not to interfere with other plugin software/themes – I’d like to build up some info on how to do this…
  • some pretty play/pause/fwd/back buttons to work as defaults

Keep making that amazing music,

19 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Rob , thank you for your feed back by mail. The version of wordpress I am using is 3.7.1. But I have a problem with the plugin as everything is working great, except when I am moving around on other menu point the music stops. The capacity to use Ajax for continous playing while your browsing is very interesting but I can get it done. Could you help me further. Thank You! Best regards Michel

    1. I didn’t mean what version of wordpress. I meant which ‘theme’ are you using? If you can give me a link to it I might be able to figure it out for you (it’s probly something really simple but obscure:)

  2. Hi Rob…awesome plugin!

    It works beautifully, but was wondering if there is a way to autoplay?

    Thanks for your help…


    1. Thank you:-) No auto play at present but would be a very easy hack I think. I’ll try to send you how to this weekend…

    1. Hiya, sorry for delay. People have to nudge me about things at the moment unfortunately. Basically, you’d have to put a jquery trigger in place in your theme’s functions.php for one of the play links: http://api.jquery.com/trigger/

      Currently the plugin won’t play songs sequentially. I’d definitely like to add that feature but I don’t have time to devote to this for at least a few months now.

      Sorry I can’t be anymore help. If you have a go at the trigger then let me know how you get on or if you have any questions,

  3. hi,

    congratulation, nice plugin. i ´d like to use it on my WP-website.
    there is one question left …

    is there a possibility, to loop songs, so i can use samples as background sounds?

    thanks for your answer.

    1. At present no, it doesn’t loop. I’d like to add this but it’s probably a few hours work & I don’t have that time to devote at the moment.
      sorry to not be more helpful,

  4. hiya… really hoping to use your plugin, it sounds perfect… but i’m getting a fatal error…

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/abdevel/anniebecker.com/wp-content/plugins/thefreemusician/ob_settings_v1_3.php on line 14

    any suggestions?

    1. OK, you’re the third person who’s had this. Pleeease tell me your wordpress version, theme and what plugins you have loaded so I can try to replicate it! (no-one else has, they just give up…)

      1. I had the same problem here!

        My WordPress version is 4.2, I have my own theme and the plugins are:
        – Advanced Custom Fields
        – Justified Image Grid
        – Revolution Slider

  5. Hi Rob!
    First of all, I want to say that you’ve done a great work with this plug-in, doing something that for example famous bands like Linkin Park don’t have in their website.
    This solution with ajax is great, and hopefully it doesn’t disturb any SEO, isn’t it?

    Good I’m writing you because, I’m trying to put this plug-in in the website of my band, but I don’t know the reason why it doesn’t work…

    I have read it all the previous comments and I’ve done all you request in the plug-in settings but I think I’m missing some little thing or something that I don’t know…

    I’m using the responsive theme from cyberchimps. I don’t think the other plug-ins are in conflict.

    Thank you in advance
    Tommy Fenyx.

    1. Hi Tommy,
      Thanks for your comments:-). SEO remains completely untouched (since all the pages remain accessible via their original urls in exactly the same format as usual). I’m happy to help but can you show me what’s happening? Maybe a link to your test site? At a guess I’d say it’s probably to do with choosing the ID and menu ID options on the settings panel (Settings -> TFM Player on your wordpress dashboard). I reckon for the theme you’re using the ‘ID’ option should be ‘#container’ (without the quotes) and the ‘Menu ID’ option should be ‘#main_navigation’ (again without the quotes). Give them a try if you haven’t already & let me know how it goes. Hope that helps!

      1. Hi Rob,
        Finally I’m here again, now we can see what’s going on my website.
        I’ve tried already this two that you say, #container | #main_navigation; and #content | #navbar. I’m going crazy… with these things… well I don’t know anything about AJAX
        The link:

        I’m completely sure we can find the solution of this puzzle.

        Thank you again!

  6. Hey man, cool plugin 🙂

    I’m wondering if it could be used to provide a simpler functionality though – basically something like the old abandoned “AudioBar” plugin. I don’t really need all the song/album/artist playlist stuff – just something that’ll play any MP3 link that’s clicked on within a post.

    Happy to donate for this functionality – would be very useful to me 🙂

    1. Thanks:-). That’s actually more complicated than it sounds – but possible. I’ve been thinking of doing that in a separate plugin rather than one big bloated one. Priority for this one is replacing the admin panel (which has caused it to be unuseable for some people), thorough testing on wp4, and a playlist/follow-on play. Then the separate plugin you describe. I’ll send you and email when I’ve done it:-)

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