Basically, I’m a musician & a programmer. I love the possibilities computers and the internet give for presenting and marketing music.

There are a bunch of things that really tick me off:
– having to work a day job
– having to tour as a musician
– having to pay for software that ties you in to paying for more because they know they got you trapped

This site is my attempt to solve those problems for me and whoever else finds this software useful.

I’ve got a whole load of stuff around affiliate payments and video that is partially developed that would really help us all connect with the the people who love our music. That’s what it’s all about & this plugin is just a start.

If you want to hear about upgrades and new releases and upgrades of software developed for this site with that goal then please stick your email in the box in the top right. I might stick affiliate links at the end of legitimate emails but I won’t use it for anything else!