Help Out

If you like this plugin & want to see it improve you can help  in a number of ways. Obviously you could donate some cash but there are a whole load of other inventive & fun possibilities too…

  1. Buy something from one of our affiliates! are a web host I’ve been using with clients for years now and they’ve been absolutely flawless. The Music Marketing Manifesto is the best product of it’s kind out there to give you the online marketing chops to find some fans. It was a wonder for my first album!
    Music Marketing Manifesto

  2. Get me to install the plugin. It saves you time fiddling around and it gives me more information on how to configure the plugin on different systems!
  3. Let me know if there are any issues. I don’t have the resources to offer formal support but if you can leave a comment on the issues page saying what theme you’re using and what plugins you have installed then it will get investigated over time. Similarly, if you have it running smoothly then I’d love to hear from you about what theme/plugins etc That helps too!.