This plugin takes some fairly serious setting up… Some of that will improve with future versions – some of it’s just the nature of what it does. If you really want it working slick please consider getting us to set it up for you…

1. AJAX Options

First the complicated part. Your theme will need an area with an HTML ID that is consistent over all pages/posts/archives etc. Most themes have this – some don’t… It’s possible to add it if you know what you’re doing. Ask us to do it for you if it’s an issue… You can access this screen via Settings->MLL Player in your admin panel

  • By default AJAX is disabled (ie your music player stops when you change pages). To enable it type ‘true’ without the quotes in the ‘AJAX enabled’ box.)
  • When AJAX is enabled, the plugin will dynamically update the DOM element specified in ‘ID’. If you don’t know what that means, probably the default will work anyway so don’t worry! If it doesn’t then get in touch…
  • Since often menus on wordpress sites need to be updated along with the page, MLL Player will also update the div that contains your menubar. You can enter it’s ID here. This means you can have active content like facebook feeds etc in your sidebar and they won’t be touched by the MLL plugin
  • Here you can edit the html that displays as the player fades between pages.
  • You can also edit the url for your play/stop/fwd/back and download buttons.

2. Display Options
These options allow you to control the images displayed for the buttons on the player. Currently if you leave them blank they default to textual ‘Listen/Pause/Forward/Back/’. In the next version we’ll have images but meanwhile you can set them.

3. Player Options

Here you can define a sitewide playlist. So for example you may want to have all 10 of your albums on the site but you want your latest single to play first and only a few others in the main site playlist. Then the other songs will be available to play when the user actually browses to those pages.

4. Adding an Artist

Simple: go to the artists tab, click ‘add new’, enter the name of the artist as the title (like you would a normal blog post) and enter in some details and a photo in the ‘Featured Image’ section.

5. Adding an Album

Simple again: go to the albums tab, click ‘add new’, enter the name at the top and add a photo to the ‘Featured Image’ section.

  • ‘Order’ is the order the albums are to be displayed in. ‘1’ goes first.
  • Select which artist (created earlier) the album is by.
  • Decide whether you want to offer a download link
  • Enter the file URL for the download link (you’ll need to put your mp3s on your server somewhere with FileZilla or FireFTP or something then enter in the url here)

6. Adding Songs

Go to the ‘songs’ tab and click ‘add new’. Enter the song name at the top and a bunch of details/lyrics in the wordpress content editor.

  • ‘Track’ denotes which track number this song is on the album
  • ‘Track Artist’ is what displays as the track artist in the player (because you may have multiple artists on one cd
  • Select which album you want to add this song to
  • Enter the url of the mp3
  • Decide whether you want to allow people to download this MP3.

7. Displaying your information in posts/sidebar

For the cute little player in the sidebar here just add the widget in Appearance/widgets. For a bit more control we have some shortcodes…

The shortcodes:

[mllp_play id=”post id of song you want to display”]
– creates a play/pause button for this song

[mllp_getalbums artist=’name of artist’]
– displays the albums by your chosen artist
– add header=’true’ to display artist header above albums

– displays the photos and bios of your artists

[mllp_playcurtrack customplay=’url of custom play button’ customstop=’html of custom stop button’]
– Play button for whichever track is currently selected in the playlist

[mllp_fwd customfwd=’url of custom forward button’]
– forward button for the sitewide playlist

[mllp_bck custombck='html of custom back button']
– back button for the sitewide playlist

– display the track that’s currently playing

– display the artist for the track currently playing

21 thoughts on “Instructions

    1. My plugin works on self hosted sites. I don’t think you can install plugins on a blog. There’s probably a simple way to do it though if you look through their help system…

  1. In order to have this wonderful plugin to work in just about any theme
    The admin has to go to that Themes menu settings and in the menu options type in the name of the CSS in the “optional CSS name” section so if they decide not to customize the “TFM_style.css” the name use would be “TFM_style”

    1. Just leave the ‘Custom Style Sheet URL’ field blank if you want to use the default styles. Themes settings/menu options has no effect on my plugin.

    1. Hey Christopher,
      On your dashboard, go to settings -> TFM player and make sure the ‘Ajax Enabled’ field says ‘true’. I put it as ‘false’ as a default ‘cos it’s complicated – I might change that if enough people have the same problem:). If you still have problems, just ask – it can be tricky to set up the plugin but once it works it works:)

  2. Hello, Thank you for sharing your plugin , I was looking for a while for such a solution.
    I am testing TFM Player on the last WordPress 2013 vers.3.7.1
    I have set the plugin as per your instruction ,
    AJAX enabled = ‘true’
    ID #content ( I dont know what I shall put here)
    Menu ID #navbar ( Idem here dont know what I shall enter)
    In any case I shall probably do somthing wrong as when I start to play a song and try to move around on other pages, the player stop to play.
    Do you have a solution for me? Thanks a lot for your help.
    Best regards

    1. Hiya, which wordpress theme are you using? The ID and menu ID settings need to be right but unfortunately it depends on the theme. The defaults work in Twenty Thirteen and some others…

  3. Hi, this might be a dumb question, but where is the song ID? I can’t find it on the song(post) page. I tried putting in “1” since that is what I titled the track, but it isn’t playing. I just finished setting it up though, so maybe the problem is something else?

    Please help. Thanks so much!

  4. Hi again. I figured out the song ID. But now I’m having all sorts of other issues. I would like to put the link in the main menu…but I’m having some problems putting it there. How is it supposed to work, normally? If I put the link on the homepage, there’s no way to stop the music when one goes to another page. Another issue I have is that it is changing the design…. the slider image on the homepage is staying on all the pages. On some of the pages (like the blog and contact page) I don’t want a big image at the top of the page, so I need to resolve that problem. There are a few other issues as well. So if you could help me, I’d appreciate it!

    (this is for someone I’m making a site for, and she has her heart set on having music.)

    1. OK, here goes:)
      1) stop button: try adding a href="" class="tfmstopall" rel="nofollow" stop /a for the actual button then jQuery('.tfmstopall').live("click", function(e) { e.preventDefault();
      soundManager.stopAll(); });
      after line 600 in thefreemuician.php. It’s a feature I put on my website in the sidebar jukebox section. Only problem, it doesn’t update dynamically (it doesn’t need to on my site because the sidebar remains static) so if you want it in the menu bar or content area then you’ve got a problem.

      Modification coming soon to plugin but I’m too busy to d it right now I’m afraid…
      2) Try deleting < ?php $img_details = wp_get_attachment_image_src( get_post_thumbnail_id( $post->ID ), 'thumbnail' );?>
      < ?php endwhile; }?>
      from line 501. That’s where it does the image for each album. Is that what you meant.

      I intend the plugin to do all these things eventually but I’ve had to do it in my spare spare time after earning aliving building websites then building a music career:). Hope that helps!

  5. Hello, thanks for your plugin.
    But I have a question: I don’t really understand the fifth step. How can I show my music? I don’t see the my music after I finished the first to the fourth step.

  6. what is required to get this working in twenty fourteen. I have the listen button but nothing happens(no sound). I would like it as a widget on primary sidebar. Thank you for what seems to be just what i am looking for.
    thanks in advance

    1. Not sure why there’s no sound but you’ll definitely need to go to the settings panel and set the ‘ID’ option to #main-content and ‘Menu ID’ to #header-main. Those settings are different with every theme unfortunately. If I have time this weekend I’ll have a go myself….

    1. Nothing built in at present I’m afraid. If you know some jQuery you could trigger a click on one of the play buttons. It’d only be a line of code in your footer… However, there’s no mechanism to continue and play the next track automatically and that would take more effort to code.

  7. Hi!

    I’ve been trying to put your plugin on this “in-progress” website for a while, but can’t it to work. I get php warnings.
    I built the theme myself. But I guess the issue comes from the wordpress version I’m using, which is 3.9.2.
    Is it?


    1. Hi, no the version 3.9.2 works fine but there are a couple of other clashes i’m aware of – one of them generates a php error. I haven’t tracked down what’s causing it unfortunately. I’m going to replace that code in the next version but that doesn’t help you right now i’m afraid…

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